When you are traveling, you should always be organized, get the right information, and plan well. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Many if not all of the steps in planning a great vacation and taking the right steps are quite easy. Finding, planning, and than taking your best getaway on a beautiful relaxing vacation shouldn’t be full of problems. So take full advantage of the’s resource page here.

  • Embassy Directory  has a complete list of Embassy Directories from every country around the world. If you are traveling abroad, you need to have this information with you when you travel to another country. It will take twenty seconds. Click here, than click your country, and than write down on a piece of paper the embassy phone number and any other pertinent information you think you may need. Another great step would be to send yourself the link to that country’s website for their embassy so you have it.

  • Tourist Info by Country is where you will find the latest travel warnings, crime statistics, and other relevant information to the country you are traveling to. Most people either forget to check this, completely disregard it, or some don’t even know you CAN do this. Now I would put this as a “little bit of reading to do” type of task. This won’t take twenty seconds like getting your embassy information above. This will take about five minutes of reading and that in itself might make people walk away but five minutes is worth your safety and your family’s safety, right? Take a few minutes right now by clicking hereto read what travel warnings, entry / exit requirements,  and other issues may be involved.
  • Travel Insurance is a wonderful thing to have when you need it and have it and it’s an incredibly frightful thing to be missing when you need it but don’t have it. Here is what you need to know; it’s cheap. Why people don’t buy travel insurance I’ll never know. We buy car insurance and we buy home owner’s insurance… yes we even buy health insurance (at least some of us). But most people won’t forty dollars to insure anything. Take a look here and cover yourself and your family. Do the right thing.

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