Boston is a great place to visit and like Los Angeles, it also has many other great places right next to it (NYC, New Hampshire, Plymouth, and Cape Cod). Boston is famous for it’s beautiful harbor. People walk and bicycle along the harbor. Some of the places you can visit/see off the Boston Harbor are Charlestown, Deer Island, and Dorchester.

Boston, like Chicago and New York, can get pretty cold in the winter but you actually may want to consider coming to Boston in the fall. New England is probably one of the most beautiful places on the earth in the fall. The trees look like multi-colored canvases painted by impressionist artists using oil from a day long ago. It truly is breathtaking.

Unlike Los Angeles, Boston is so compact, you can see just about everything by walking around. If you make you visit centrally located (pick a hotel or bed and breakfast in the middle of it all) you can do it all without renting a car. This is very good idea for people who are either on a budget or people who have limited time.

Places to see: Boston Harbor, Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, MIT museum, Faneuil Hall & Quincy Market (a shopping experience unlike any other where you shop in colonial times), take a Duck Boat tour, Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra, New England Aquarium, and many, many historical places to see (Plymouth Rock, the Freedom Trailthe John F. Kennedy Library, .the Paul Revere House, and much much more.)

Boston has a great history and a great place in the United States. The places to visit is almost overwhelming but like I said above, it is all within walking distance (well, most of it is within walking distance). Plymouth Rock is not within walking distance but there are many other places that are. And if you plan your visit well, maybe you could visit Boston for five days and then see Plymouth Rock for the sixth day. Like I said in the other city guides, it’s all in the planning.

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