Going to Europe? Sounds great. Europe is a wonderful place to visit. I know some who have actually gone back to stay. Visit old cities that are thousands of years old or visit cities that are hundreds of years old; there is something for everyone. Go to hot clubs, tasty restaurants, bike, walk, ride, take the train, or just stay in one spot. It’s all a great pleasure.

The first thing that comes to mind is this; even if you are going to to do a typical tourist thing like visit the wine vineyards of France (and that’s it) or go clubbing in London (and that’s it), you really should take a moment to read some part of European history and find something you would like to see from history that interests you. Almost everyone I know who has been to Europe has come back and said they wish they had gone to see something that they read about in school or read about when they were younger (Roman or Greek temples/buildings, battlefields from WWII, Stonehenge, etc….). Do it before you go and you will thank me.

Planning is such a big part of having a good trip. You can see much of Europe in a week (NOT all of it by no means) if you plan it well. If you plan on going to Europe for three to four days, my suggestion would be to stay in one city or you will be missing too much. You really to spend at least a week there to enjoy it.

Places to see: Eiffel Tower (France), Rhine River (France), The Vatican (Italy), Venice (Italy), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain) Barcelona (Spain), Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, London (England), Ireland, Buckingham Palace (England), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (England), Hyde Park (England), and much much more.

Remember that you are in another country sp be careful and be safe. Driving is “stay to the left side” unlike the USA where you stay to the right. Bed and Breakfasts are relatively cheap compared to staying in a big hotel. I have heard of people biking through Europe, taking a train through Europe, and taking a month to visit as much as they can. Plan well, be careful, and have a good time.

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