Las Vegas

The first thing that comes to mind about Las Vegas is how odd, how big, how safe (yes safe), and how unreal it all is. People walk the street of Vegas at 4AM and you look around and you would think it was 2 in the afternoon. Many of the hotels, casinos, restaurants, and clubs have no clocks and so you never really know what time it is. But it IS safe and you CAN walk the streets (the main streets) at just about any time of night.

Las Vegas has deals, specials, bargains, and more deals. If you are looking for deals, this is your city. Every other day I hear unbelievable deals on the radio, read them online, see them in the paper, and hear them from friends who have been there. Deals like: free dinners, free shows, free concerts, free tokens to gamble, and even free money to gamble.

One thing you really, really want to remember is that Jay-walking (walking before you have a street light signal to walk) carries close to a $100 fine. This is something to remember as many people (including myself) walk across the street where we live all the time. SO remember this so you don’t get hit with 3 or 4 fines totaling close to $300 or $400.

Places to see: the volcano eruption at the Mirage Hotel, Treasure Island battleship show, see the Bellagio Fountains, see the replica of the Eiffel Tower, take a Gondola ride at the Venetian, walk the “strip” in Vegas (probably run into dozens of places to see live bands and shows), and Las Vegas is one of the best places for playing golf.

What you have to remember is that there are many people there going to have a good time, a really good time….. and so it may be very tempting to get entangled with someone you don’t know. Las Vegas is notorious for people looking for physical fun with someone they don’t know and we all know that catch phrase, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. This only perpetuates this desire for people to flock to Vegas and let “it all hang out”. My advice to anyone going is to do what you will, have a good time, just be safe and play it safe. This way you can come back again.

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