Mexico is so great and so vastly different from one place to the next that it is impossible to write a perfect guide for anyone going to Mexico. What you have to decide before you go is this; do you want to go crazy and let your hair hang down like a visit to las vegas, do you want to just sit on a beautiful quiet beach, or do you want to be around tons of happy tourists dancing the night away.

Many things come to mind when we think of Mexico; great food, bull fighting, unbelievable sites, and beautiful people. Mexico is a great stay being that most expenses are cheap. If you are staying in Acapulco in a fancy suite in a big hotel then yes, you will pay big money. But if you stay at a reasonable place and eat and shop in out of the mainstream places, you will save big money.

Not to put a damper on anyone wanting to travel to Mexico, but safety would have to be an issue. You are in another country and you are in another set of rules and laws. My advice would be so get acquainted very quickly to some of the more important laws/rules right away. Do not allow other people to tempt you or lure you into anything illegal or scandalous as getting someone to help you get out of jail may not be anywhere as easy as it is in the United States. In the USA you can get bail quite easily set for you to leave jail. This is not so easy in Mexico. So have fun but be safe and don’t do anything stupid. Wait until you’re back home to do something stupid.

Places to see: Guanajuato ( a beautiful city), Mexico City (world’s 3rd largest city – everything you want to do in the world and more – be careful – can be exciting yet also dangerous), Teotihuacan (biggest ancient city of Mexico), Puerto Vallarta (famous picturesque beach resort), Guadalajara (famous for mariachi music, Mexican rodeos, and tequila), Acapulco (unbelievable beaches – big tourist spot), Oaxaca (trendy yet ancient city – pretty colonial style), and Tijuana.

Mexico is a great place to go to. You may want to brush up on some spanish in case of the need to speak to someone who doesn’t speak english. Your trip should really be decided on whether you want to see volcanoes, ancient Mayan culture, great old cities or new cities and take in the culture OR if you want to go to the big tourist spots like Acapulco and stay in a big hotel. You can do both but just make sure you plan it well.

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